Coronavirus outbreak

„Printing house KOPA activity during coronavirus outbreak“

The coronavirus outbreak is undoubtedly affecting everyone. Pandemic situation leads to quarantine in many countries, which causes restricted movement of both people and goods. These actions are necessary to control the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable groups of the population. Unfortunately, this situation disrupts the usual rhythm of life.

Nevertheless, during the quarantine period KOPA printing house intends to work as planned. Customer inquiries are accepted and negotiated, meanwhile approved orders are printed and produced according to the plan. Border crossing may be restricted during the quarantine period, but it should not have a significant impact on production or delivery terms. Currently the printing staff is equipped with disinfectants and is ready to work as usual. The outbreak of coronavirus is not expected to disrupt the operations of the printing house, and hopefully print products will reach customers successfully and smoothly.

Most press planning and production stages do not require customer contact and meet all health guidelines. For this reason, project planning, budgeting, file verification or design work, and printing itself are done safely and without any interruption. This situation is advantageous for careful project planning and press preparation, so printing house KOPA invites you not to delay the printing for tomorrow but instead plan and prepare it carefully.

During this time, printing house KOPA wishes everyone health and awareness to protect themselves and those around them. It can help get back to everyday life and work as fast as possible.