About the project

This publication presents thirty years of the avant-garde art group Post Ars: exhibitions, actions, happenings, performances, installations, earth art projects, publications and individual work of four Lithuanian artists – Aleksas Andriuškevičius, Robertas Antinis, Česlovas Lukenskas and Gintaras Zinkevičius.

As the creators describe it, to put the activities of Post Ars into words is the same as to stick a live bear into a microwave oven. It means that you have to fight roughly and mercilessly, chop, squeeze and cram. Yet finally, when heated up, the meat is difficult to chew. Such is the unavoidable fate of an art historian: to describe the indescribable.


Softcover brochure.


400 gsm creative uncoated Fuego Stone paper used for the cover, 120 gsm colored uncoated Rainbow 96 paper and uncoated fine Munken Lynx paper of the same grammage are alternating for interior pages.

Technical information

Softcover brochure with grey creative paper for the cover. Offset print was chosen for the cover. Grey colored creative paper is also chosen to distinguish some parts of the book content.