About the project

Yiddish is officially included in the UNESCO list of protected languages, but today it is spoken by only about 2 million Jews in various parts of the world. Whether we allow language to die depends solely on us. This publication contains the Yiddish alphabet, Jewish proverbs, sayings and wit - just a small bouquet from the meadows of Jewish culture. Each page of the publication is glued together, preserving the tree of life, which can only be seen by redistributing the pages.


Japanese bound softcover brochure with flaps.


300 gsm premium uncoated Munken Lynx paper was chosen for the cover and 80 gsm of the same paper was used for inside pages. 

Technical information

Japanese bound book, where each page of which is double, perforated at the fold to make it easier to separate the pages apart. The cover of the brochure is laminated with a matt, scratch-resistant lamination film.