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Books printed by KOPA Printing House - in the list of the best photography books in Paris.

Paris is known as the City of Light (Ville lumière) for its leading role in the arts and sciences. More than 10 years ago, in November 2012, initiated by the Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo, the Paris Photo-Aperture Photobook Awards was dedicated to the changing story of photographic narratives. This year, the Paris Photo-Aperture Photography Book Awards attended 961 submissions from sixty-one countries. Every year thirty-five books are shortlisted across three main categories: First Photography Book, Photography Book of the Year, and Photography Catalogue of the Year. We are honored to share that the 2023 list includes two books printed by KOPA.

1 2 3 2 1, Yao Yuan

The author's album has been shortlisted in the First Photography Book category. The publication contains 304 photographs, a story of the pregnancy journey of the author's friend Nagakura Nami, from the anticipation to the birth of her baby. The images feature vivid colors, numerous cinematic city and nature landscapes, and everyday moments that juxtapose raw emotions with banal transience. These visuals are associated with the artist's personal life and travel, navigating between Japan and China. The book communicates a visual language of poetry and metaphor.

The open spine book is exclusive with an original, non-standard cover design and multiple flaps. The cover, made from recycled paper, and the interior of the book present bright, contrasting photographs on uncoated paper.


Bilateral, Samuel Gratacap

Samuel Gratacap's Bilateral has been shortlisted for the Best Photography Book of the Year. As a photographer whose work includes both visual arts and photojournalism, Samuel Gratacap is interested in the phenomena of migration and transit zones resulting from contemporary conflicts. The exploratory outcome of Bilateral goes beyond mere numbers, flows, maps, geopolitical data, and media news, delving into the essence of migration: trajectories and personal experiences.

The binding chosen for the publication is sewn softcover where black silkscreen print is applied for the recycled cardboard for the cover. Many photographs in the book are black and white, printed on coated and uncoated paper, accentuating the effects of the political conflicts depicted.

Bilateral book

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